Academy of Lost Arts

Online Classes: Go at your Own Pace

  Here you will gain access to a variety of mystical courses and classes on topics such as crystals & minerals, the mythologies and more!


Our teaching group includes a unique mix of witches and spiritual individuals alike who have practiced for a combined total of 35 years.

Our goal is to aid you in your craft by supporting and guiding your research.


Lunar Grove's Promise

"to never lead astray from accurate information and keeping our Service on Witchcraft in mature and respectful manners.

To keep conflicts at bay and keeping acceptance as a top priority.

To Spread accurate and true knowledge, to only teach as unbiased and/or with notifications of various beliefs.

To lend guidance and a safe haven for all whom seek it. "

We offer a variety of activities, free daily lessons, workshops, and sessions for free!
A welcoming and Friendly community where
we support one another in our path and healing.