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Adventures in Death Magic: Spell Crafting Advice Pt 1

This post is advice from me to you, It is not in any way limited to death magic. It is just a few things I have personally learned in spell crafting that I thought could help you.

1. Keep a journal separate from your BOS so that you can work and edit. You don't want to put broken or nonfunctioning spell into your BOS or Grimoire. I have a spiral notebook where I keep the information on spells I am working on, testing, or things I am experimenting with.

2. Learning to craft spells: before starting the creation of the spell you should meditate on the intent of the spell. Ask yourself the following: What exactly is the spell supposed to do? How should the spell work/manifest (depending on how you do it depends on the results)? How do I want it to affect me or those I’m casting it for? These are just guideline questions that I found to help in my creation of spells and spell casting.

3. wording- it doesn't matter at this point what your intent is because here is where the phrase words have power comes in. You want your intention to be set into the crafting of any words used for a ritual chant or incantation. Yes, you can use any words you want to signify what the spell is supposed to do however you want to make sure you use the right wording. For example, if you use the word fertile to describe the abundance of something you may wind up with multiple pregnancies or helping make babies rather than creating the abundance or prosperity of what you were seeking say like money (Personal Experience). You also want to be careful where you place words in sentences for the chants as well as understanding the literal rather than metaphorical meaning of the words. This is not to say you can't write spells in the metaphor you can and the results can be quite amusing. But if you want something specific be more literal. Also, remember the universe has a sense of humor so you may put it literally, and it'll give it to you but it may also add a little haha to it. 4. You will want to write and rewrite your spell until it fits with your intention without giving you any surprises (like knocking up your dogs, cats, best friends, and self for 2 years.....I'm not kidding) that you may not be prepared for. DO NOT SAY ANY PARTS OF THE SPELL OUT LOUD TOGETHER while you are working on making it, unless you are a chaos witch then have fun and enjoy yourself. I say this because during crafting you are manifesting creating and setting intention into words of art (hehe play on words there). This includes any words that are perfect mixing with any that arent quite right for the spell itself. So be cautious, go one sentence at a time and get creative.

SOUR JAR QUOTE I wouldn’t do a sour jar if you don’t know exactly how to do it. But it makes the person basically sour, it hurts their dynamics with relationships (could be all relationships, family, SO, work etc.) It makes them miserable and in a sense destroys their life. When I do these types of spells, I always give a “way out” I guess you could say. Something like if they apologized it could possibly be gone or if they learn from their mistakes and don't repeat them itll stop, but I don’t do it for all. It could go wrong if you do not take the necessary precautions. Like it could end up doing it towards you instead. You also want to be careful about how you bind it. Don't add anything of yourself into it other than intention.

Making jewelry your talisman Grab jewelry of choice (the amount of importance and significance to you the stronger it will be) Say this "Jewelry in my hands, I need help. Help me with protection energetically psychically, mentally and physically. Protect me on good and bad, from those trying to intimidate me and those trying to harm me. Be my talisman and protection, so let it be"

or you can create your own following the steps above.

Breaking spell bag Go outside with spell bag, a container, lighter, and knife or scissors Break or open the bag Get items that you don’t want to burn Burn herbs or paper while saying: “This is no longer wanted, this is no longer needed I release this spells and all intentions” Bury the ashes Cleansing items on full moon then new moon. Cleanse any items you kept.

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