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Alternative Cleansing Methods: Cleansing Baths

Cleansing Bath

Lustral baths are a wonderful method for performing so many needed rituals and spells. From self-love to hex removals. Cleansing baths will not only help you clean yourself physically but it will cleanse you spiritually as well. There are many ingredients that can be used in a cleansing bath to help you obtain your intentions.

Here's a recipe for a Cleansing Bath

First Clean your body first with a shower.

Clean the bathtub with cleaner.

You will need: White Candles

Incense (Rosemary, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sage, Cedar, -Palo Santo-, -Juniper-)

Herbs for bath ( Oranges, Jasmine, Rosemary, dried dandelion flowers) Moon Water Salt Cleanse the space with incense, Light your candles, Turn off your lights. Place Herbs in bath, you can use a sachet, or place them loosely.

Some Tips for Lustral Baths: 1. Mind your plumbing, make sure that whatever ingredients you put in your bath, will not be damaging to your plumbing and have to call a service later in the week, because your piping is damaged or clogged.

2. Some ingredients can be dangerous to your skin, watch out for irritants and items that can set of PH balances, if you are someone who needs to be sensitive about PH balances.

Shower Alternative: Use a shower with a sachet of your ingredients hanging on the showerhead, it will have the same effect!

Here's the best items you can get for a Cleansing Bath

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