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Alternative Cleansing Methods: Cleansing Mists

Cleansing Mists

Cleansing Mists are a great alternative for cleansing, and it can also help refresh the room with a wonderful scent! Cleansing mists can be bought or created at home.

Black Tourmaline Mist

Black tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone important for the absorption and transmutation of harmful energy. Even holding the stone in your home is a precaution. In general, it's a wonderful stone to have energy balance in your house. Making your black, tourmaline gem water mist is simple. Place the black tourmaline in a clean spray bottle of water. Make sure to be cautious when creating your spray and have a positive intention.

Make sure to always use rites and procedures to clear the room for all those smoke-free alternatives! Pro-tip: The following is a quick procedure for space clearing; take a deep inhalation and exhale. Set a purpose. With an alternative strategy, clear the vacuum. Again, set an intention. Complete the procedure with strong inhalation and exhale.

Palo Santo Mist

Palo Santo is a wood used in clearings of the yard. Traditionally, you'd burn Palo Santo sticks to produce smoke that smudges a room, an individual, or whatever. The option would be Palo Santo water. This mist can be produced by spreading the essential oil in a vacuum. With Palo Santo essential oil, water, and alcohol in a clean spray bottle, you can make your own Palo Santo smoke-free mist. Another choice is to brew a tea that you mist with Palo Santo. Make sure to be mindful and concentrated when creating your mist before bringing it together.

Make a Mist You can make a mist at home, using any of the corresponding Cleansing Ingredients, using your essential oils, a bit of moon water, and regular water to create a misting spray.

Here are some mists you can buy.

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