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Candles In Magic: A History

***Common Sense Warning: Never leave candles unattended. All ways burn candles away from children and pets. Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Use caution when working with anything on fire.

Candles were tallow until the mid-19th century by the component of beef fat. Candles are now almost always made from some form of wax, the most common being the Paraffin wax. About 3000 BC, the Egyptians, and Cretans ordered candles from beeswax. The early stages of candles were produced from different natural sources of oil, tallow, and wax. Spermaceti, an oil produced exclusively by the sperm whale, was used during the 18th century to produce a higher candle. Rapeseed oil and rapeseed seed were used late in the 18th century as a cheaper alternative. Candles were used to illuminate the Yule, or Christmas tree until artificial lighting existed. To Christianity, candles are often widely used in prayer as representations of the glory of their Deity, both for lighting and mood. Known as Ceromancy and Lychnomancy. Ceromancy is a technique of divination to observe how a candle burns and melts in search of waxen shapes, symbols, associations, and meanings. You can read the flames, the smoke, the burning of the candle and use the melted wax by pouring it into water. This way of predicting fate is generally used by people to assess the past, current, and future. Wax shapes are believed to act as pictures when the candle burns. In tradition the practice itself is old. Not one icon holds that kind of universal significance or spiritual practice than the candle! Candles enable you to concentrate on your dreams, allowing you to take your thoughts out into the world more efficiently. That's why when creating birthday wishes candles are ignited and shot, then used in prayer or contemplation.

Candles have a way of soothing the atmosphere as they release positive energy, creating a more calm, positive feeling. That's why when you walk into a candlelit restaurant or light candles in your home the atmosphere feels different. Candles are often important devices for calming your mind, they will make you become more open to the realm of metaphysics, spiritual knowledge, and the nature of spirits. Candles can also help you get deeper into a state of psychic awareness. They also help greatly during psychic readings, making it easier for people to see the past, the present, and the future. Candles play a critical role in many rites, rituals, celebrations, divination, and sorts of craft. It's good to understand that the spells are not limited to their uses. Creating a strong basis with both of these applications can enable you to grow your own magic and intuitions, rather than merely copying others. Candle magick is an extraordinarily common method of spell working. But as any seasoned witch can testify, there are occasions when spell candles appear to have their own thoughts. A ton of rituals has grown up about seeing candles burned during a spell or ceremony. Knowing these signals and mixing them with your own instincts will send you valuable hints to the endeavor's progress or failure. Interpreting candle signs is a large folkloric custom that involves at least three forms of divination: pyromancy (divination by fire), ceromancy (divination by wax), and capromancy (divination through smoke). Anyone who is well versed in candle making will tell you, in purely non-magical terminology, what triggers strange candle behavior. An untrimmed wick triggers a big blaze. Black soot is the product of exposure to excessive heat from oils or dyes. And a candle that goes out unexpectedly may be a warning of an unfriendly spirit or even a strong wind. We are both conscious that candles' physical properties allow them to flame differently from one another. When you have taken every ordinary entity into a mystical room, it becomes an instrument for comprehension. Having this in view, let the chemistry and mechanics of candle-burning be dispensed for a moment, and get back to the magick.

**Authors Note:

This information was gathered and selected to be used in out Divination Classes for a more in-depth dive into Candles in Divination check out our Lessons Page

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