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Common Questions We Get Asked Pt 2

Q: Does divination tell me the future?

A: No and yes, not in the way you would think. Divination, when you are trying to figure out a future situation or how to reach your goal, is more like a suggestion; there are ways to improve yourself or to change what you are doing to go down the path you wish for. Looking into the future is not impossible, but it is definitely not a beginner's lesson. Also, divination is not limited to concepts, but to souls, spirits, and deities. Take the time to thoroughly research the topic, because there is so much to learn and equally as much to make a mistake with.

Q: How can I use crystals in my craft?

A: Meditation, reduce anxiety, electromagnetic fog, Rituals, Chakra Healing, ENergy Protection, Sleep just to name a few

Q: How can I tell if my dream is a sign/my subconscious telling me something?

A: There is an explanation in our Blogs of how it feels to have a "big dream" (when it does not come from yourself and feels like something is trying to communicate), and how you can practice keeping receiving those dreams. As for analyzing a normal dream to discover what it means, this would need some practice; you would need to practice remembering the details of the dream, note them down on paper, and go over the whole thing carefully

Q: Where can I buy crystals?

A: Start by googling local “crystal” “mystic” or “spiritual” shops. These are a great option because the shop owners are often knowledgeable and can point you in the direction of whatever you may need! If you can’t find a physical shop - look online! There are many crystal retailers on Etsy, and most have IG’s to accompany their shops where you can view the crystals, or even participate in auctions to get them for a good price! *Note - Right before large gemstone shows such as the one is Tucson, shops sell out their supply to make room for new crystal bbs... that’s the BEST time to grab sweet pieces for amazing prices! You can also look on Amazon or eBay, but do your research on the retailers to make sure they are legit first!

Q: How do I get in contact with a deity?

A: Pendulum work is the easiest and recommended way to start communication with a deity. Be sure to be protected! Make a circle around the entire area you are using, shields also can be used, and dowse away! Be sure to close out the ritual by getting rid of the circle, lowering your shield, and cleansing your pendulum!

Q: What do crystals do?

A: Each type of crystal has its own frequency that can help heal or encourage certain states. This is done by interacting with the Chakras. Depending on the crystal at hand, each associate with a different Chakra.

Q: Which Tarot deck is good for beginners?

A: The only context you can use this question for is for pricing really; any deck is good to start with! There are themes and art styles and the number of cards can vary per deck, but this has little to do with the actual difficulty of use. However, if you were to ask this about Oracle cards, that's a bit different, because picking your oracle deck sometimes includes a theme, such as 18+ readings. Oracle cards are also very different when it comes to the card set up, and you will find there is no major/minor arcane, no wands, swords, cups, or pentacles (at least, if there is its just a picture; each card has its own importance, and equally so). If you are asking which would be better after seeing this, oracle is debatably easier simply because sometimes you really don't need to memorize meanings; there are phrases on some cards, and the imagery is something unique to each card deck, down to each card.

Q: Why are crystals beneficial?

A: Crystals aid in magical workings, assisting with the specific task at hand. For a lot of people, working with crystals improves certain outcomes of meditation, spellwork, shadow work, etc., because of the interacting frequencies.

Q: Do I have to be an Oracle to use Oracle cards?

A: No! You do not have to be an Oracle to use Oracle cards. The difference between Tarot cards and Oracle cards depend on which you connect to. If you feel like there is no connection to Tarot cards, try Oracle cards!

Q: How do I know which crystal is right for me?

A: Choosing crystals can be very intimidating, especially walking into a shop full of them! Choosing the right crystal can depend on if you are looking for a specific crystal, or not. Sometimes, people can be drawn to a crystal for no reason at the time, then research it and find out it may assist with something currently going on in their life! Others focus on the frequency and energy of the crystal. If it feels to be a match, then it’s theirs! Really focus on the energy of the crystal at hand, then determine if it is right.

Q: How many Types of Divination are there?

A: This link has a list of over 100 forms of divination and goes over their definitions

Q: What if I bought a fake crystal?

A: That’s okay! It happens! Once it's been discovered as being fake, do not throw it away! Even simply having the color is still beneficial! Look at what is different, and know for the next time you look for that specific crystal, what to look for!

Q: Can fortune cookies be a form of divination

A: Yes! Sometimes not always accurate but some forms of divination can be hit or miss like fortune cookies!

Q: Can I use/put this crystal in water?

A: Calcite if put in water will fade. Carrnellian fractures in saltwater. Galena rusts. Halite dissolves. Hematite rusts. Labradorite flakes apart. Lodestones rust. Malachite breaks in hot water and turns the water toxic. Mica flakes. Moldavite flakes Opas crack, break and fade. pearls lose lister and can break. Pyrite makes sulfuric acid. Selenite dissolves. Turquoise fades. Obsidian all forms will break in extreme liquid temperatures. Ulex dissolves. also, don't put Angelite, celeste, or muscovite in water either

Q: How do I identify this crystal?

A: There are many texts containing guides for crystals. Some of these include The Crystal Bible (1, 2, or 3 - whichever version you choose/ are able to buy), The Little Book of Crystals, Mineralogy texts, Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing, among many others. Posts on social media like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest showcase different crystals and their attributes! As well as putting together lists of crystals that are for specific things and/or spells such as Healing, Power, Protection, Calmness, etc. There are also many websites that include informational blurbs with photos for specific crystals. Simply image googling characteristics of your stone-like: black and brown-banded stone or red-spotted stone will give you different results and you can compare what you have with what is on the screen. Or, googling “crystal identification” will give you images of lists of different crystals. If you are stuck on a few possibilities, meditate with the crystal and see how you feel with it, and try to match the vibrations you may pick up from the stone.

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