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Getting Started with Witchcraft Pt.1

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Witchcraft is a practice, not a religion. It is not limited to any single group or format - which is a big part of what makes it so appealing! Anyone can start at any time they like; however, there are a few foundational things every witch should do and look into as a beginner witch. 

For starters, you should try to determine what type of witchcraft or path might be right for you! There are MANY options. You may choose to practice religiously/with a specific dogma in mind, or you may choose to be a Secular witch who practices without spirituality or religion (keep in mind, this doesn’t mean as an individual you cannot be spiritual, but just that you do not incorporate it into the craft). Some witches also have designations such as Green, Divination, or Eclectic. These point to their workings; how rituals and spells will be performed, the magic they will engage in, etc. Doing research on all of the above will help you to know what else you’ll need to learn, research, and practice to create a powerful craft that’s completely personal to you. If you can’t figure this out right out of the gate, that’s okay! Go on to the next step, and you may find some more answers there!

History, history, and more history. Our elders had much knowledge to share, and a wonderful way to honor them is to find it! Look specifically into the history of witchcraft: how did it begin? What trials and tribulations did the witches of the past face, that today we are privileged enough to avoid? Look into ancient history; the people of old, those who lived in and with nature. Look into different cultures, not just your own! As you work your way around the globe and through time, you will notice many similarities and overlapping beliefs; these will strengthen your own. Look into your Family’s history.. You may find out you are a hereditary witch; perhaps your grandmother has wisdom to share! Look into the history and lore behind your path specifically. Are you interested in Wicca? Paganism? The Universe? Once you feel something resonates for you and with your craft, find sources (whether they’re online pdfs, articles, journals, or from the book store) and get reading! 

Speaking of research, it’s a good idea to buff up on those skills as well. Cross referencing, source checks, watching for biases, making notes, etc… you will need all these skills and more to ensure that you are getting reliable research and actually learning, but remember: your own conclusions are valid too. Witchcraft is very personal, so if you feel after a significant amount of research and experience that things are a certain way and it works for you in your craft: that’s completely acceptable! 

You may have noticed that the above list of researching topics started off broadly before turning focus to the individual practitioner; this is because all of this information in tandem creates a bigger picture needed to practice a craft effectively. Once you have started building that foundation, you can begin focusing on honing your own personal skills. Familiarize yourself with the language, the tools, and what rituals and spells may look like (specific to the type of witchcraft you choose). Next you can begin gathering some of those tools (keep in mind, intention is EVERYTHING in witchcraft. You don’t need to break the bank here. There are practitioners out there who visualize their entire working area and all their tools and are still doing effective magic) and begin practicing… but do limit yourself starting off; rituals and spells can be VERY exhausting, and most wait until they are more comfortable with compatible and safer practices first; such as meditation, visualization, energy awareness, working with intuition, etc. 

Crystals are fairly safe to work with, as are essential oils and incense. Being out in nature/appreciating nature is a wonderful way to connect with the universe or divine, and is very safe so long as one is respectful. Divination is a good practice for beginners, but it can also be exhausting or even unsafe if not done correctly. One of the FIRST practices a good witch will go to is PROTECTION. Learning to cast a circle, create a personal shield, or turn your jewelry into talismans are all very powerful and integral parts of witchcraft. Most everything you do will require some form of protection, so the sooner you begin working on it: the stronger your craft will be.

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