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Getting Started with Witchcraft Pt.2

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

If you’ve been following along with our Witchcraft for Beginner blogs, welcome back! If you’re a first time reader: Welcome; consider checking out our other educational blog posts once you’ve finished with this one! Last week we only touched on a few beginner-safe activities (and A LOT of research), so today we are going to continue with and expand on that. 

Personally, being out in nature is one of my favorite witchy activities; in fact - I just got back from the beach! There I was able to connect with the elements. I grounded myself with each step along the rocky shore; I cleansed my aura with the wind, air, and every breath I took; I healed, restored, and purified my mind, body, and spirit as I sank beneath the cool waves of the lake… it was a truly cleansing and energizing experience, and now I feel prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally for the week ahead of me. If you are unable to go out into nature, try bringing nature to your home! Planting a garden or having indoor plants and working with your green thumb (or lack thereof - but ultimately this is an ability and a magical one at that!) are great ways to safely begin cultivating your craft - pun intended! 

This brings us to oils, incense, and smoke cleansing - all of which are very safe activities with the right intentions, and especially for those who decide to grow their own herbs! These can be used for grounding, cleansing, and protection (all wonderful practices to start off with). 

Meditation in tandem with aromatherapy is a wonderful way to train your focus, and you can even practice visualizations too! Try this: find a floral scented oil or incense that you enjoy. Light it, or turn on your diffuser then sit, kneel, or lay comfortably - allowing your mind and body to relax. Close your eyes, and begin following your breath, waiting until the scent reaches you… as it does, see if you’re able to imagine the flower producing it’s scent inside the dark void of your mind's eye. What colour is it? Notice the way it blooms and closes with each breath you take. Do this until you can no longer focus, and take note of how you feel after. Don’t be discouraged if the picture is not clear right away, or if it flashes in or out. Visualization takes time, years even. The more meditation you do now, the easier spells and other workings requiring visualization will be later on. 

Crystals are also wonderful companions in meditation… and, as many witches would agree, in life in general. Crystals can be used for cleansing, grounding, protection, meditation, transmutation, manifestation, healing, and the list goes on. The key thing to remember when working with crystals is respect - think the law of correspondence: as above, so below. Many believe that crystals and minerals exist not only in the physical planes but in the spiritual ones, and when they are not given the proper respect and care they will: disappear, break for no reason, be stripped of their correspondences or vibration, backfire, etc. If you are interested in crystals, make sure to do your research and have a good source for crystal care, correspondences, and cautions! 

Sigil writing, not discussed in the previous post, is another great activity for beginners. It’s especially helpful if you want to set intentions in a more private way or in the case of closeted witchcraft; to most, they look like random lines or shapes… but for those who create them they are much more! They are symbols used in magic that are completely unique to the practitioners who create them. There are many ways one can create sigils, however they all start off the same way. Write down your intent, try to keep it to one sentence, and then cross out the vowels and repeated letters. From here you can use one of the varied methods to actually create the symbol/sigil. The key here is to not get too caught up in the design of the sigil, but rather the intent. In fact, it’s often recommended one not keep track of their sigils and to just forget them after their creation. Hold space only for your intention, and nothing more; create the sigil, and leave it to do it’s work.

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