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Getting To Know Abilities: Astral-Projection

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

When cultivated, the subtle body will withstand the human body as a matrix for consciousness, and spiritual preparation paths for subtle body cultivation include astral vision and lucid dreaming. The subtle body, when cultivated, will withstand the physical body as a matrix for consciousness, and astral vision and lucid dreaming are part of metaphysical preparation paths for subtle body cultivation. Neophytes confuse the subtle body with the soul or spirit, two additional facets of multi-dimensional humans. Neophytes confuse the subtle body, two additional dimensions of multi-dimensional humans, with the soul or spirit. When cultivated, the subtle body will withstand the human body as a matrix for consciousness, and spiritual preparation paths for subtle body cultivation include astral vision and lucid dreaming. Neophytes confuse the subtle body, two additional dimensions of multi-dimensional humans, with the soul or spirit. The OBE basically continues with an experience of leaving the body and viewing it objectively from a distant perspective. Knowledge may be guided to areas or events such as flying, through preparation and lucidity. Flight, indeed. You have had OBEs if you have had flight dreams, literal flying, no 747 required or being in the sky. Some claim that during sleep, we have occasional OBEs, sometimes floating a few inches above our human bodies. Although medical practitioners no longer reject the experience out of hand, science holds the opinion that OBEs cause cognitive or brain dysfunction. Neuroscientists remain confused. Dr. Raymond Moody MD became interested in OBEs near death following his own practice, and consulted hundreds of experts, and gathered data for decades, identifying common OBE characteristics. Nine typical elements of a near-death OBE were described by Moody, some of them both, some just two or three. To conquer the fear of death, the tantric learned lucid OBE and dream phases by learning that we are not our "bodies." They also found that during OBEs, the physical body can undergo intense healing; the mind can be harsh on the body. And instead of missing time while resting to perform meditation, yogis continued to work through the night while the body recovered. Any athletes learn to train and imagine their game through lucid dreaming. Not only can they imagine, but they also have a "felt sense" about their activity by operating in a dream or out-of-body, and can actually develop the muscle memory for winning behaviors. Others benefit from both the ability to revisit past lives and accelerated personal growth. To practice conscious OBE and astral projection, there are hundreds of strategies. There are two options, one of which is to keep the mind awake while the body falls asleep. It's difficult: the mind needs to do as the body does. Without drifting into unconsciousness, the aim is to send the body into deeper and deeper relaxing stages. One approach is Yoga Nidra. When the body enters the state of sleep, practitioners only "roll out" of their physical form. Until resting, ancient yogis will bind two frogs together. A yogi would use the sound to anchor consciousness as the body relaxed into sleep, and then leave the body, or reach lucid dream states. Once tied, the frogs would croak constantly. If the yogi could no longer hear the frogs during asleep, he/she realized lucidity had been lost, and inside the dream could "wake" again.

In 1971, Bob Monroe, founder of the leading human consciousness science organization called The Monroe Institute, wrote a body of work entitled "Journeys Out of the Body," in which he gives a detailed overview of how to project one 's self astrally in seven steps:

Step 1: Relax, both physically and mentally.

Step 2: Join, or half-sleep, a hypnagogic condition.

Step 3: By prioritizing mental sensation over physical sensation, deepening the condition.

Step 4: Pay attention to the presence of sound in the atmosphere, which, in a state of deep attention, becomes evident.

Step 5: In your actual body, evoke the vibration and relax in its presence. This is directed at subtly jiggling the subtle body out of the actual body.

Step 6: Concentrate on leaving the limbs and torso with your emotions, and strive to do so one at a time.

Step 7: Known as "lifting back," concentrate on floating out of the physical body without effort.

The rope technique is considered one of the most available astral projection techniques focused on the work of Robert Bruce, pioneer of the Astral Dynamics movement.

Step 1: Calm each muscle by visualizing the physical body.

Step 2: reach a vibrational state from your room of relaxation; this should sound like an intensified version of the pulse mode pulsations of a mobile phone moving through the body.

Step 3: Assume that there is a rope dangling over you.

Step 4: Try to grab on to the rope with both hands using the astral, or subtle, body. The human body stays fully calm.

Step 5: Begin scaling the ladder, hand over hand, all the while the ceiling above you is visualized. Step 6: If you are aware of your complete departure from the human body, the astral plane should be explored.

There are several lucid dreaming approaches so don't forget that. Others are meant to prepare the sleeper to wake up in the dream, some include lucid staying strategies when enabling the body to fall asleep. Nicotine has unique brain chemistry actions, so no, it's not for smoking. Considered a cognitive enhancer, nicotine among biochemical brain hackers is attracting followers. Many have unwittingly learned what happens when they fail to take a patch before sleep, using nicotine patches to stop smoking. Hyper-realistic, but bizarre visions that are so outrageous can be caused by nicotine that many literally say to themselves, 'Omg. It MUST be a dream here. It's so crazy to be anything else. "And voila, it gains lucidity." As many experience insomnia when using nicotine, this is not an acknowledgment of the method. The second we realize we're in a dream state, we reach lucidity. Some people practice by telling themselves, for days or weeks, several times a day, "is this a dream?" "The issue inevitably gets trapped in the songs and jingles get stuck in the spot and are impossible to unstick, such as the Starlight Vocal Band's" Afternoon Pleasure. You see what we're referring to. The idea is that the question starts to repeat itself habitually and that during a dream, the mind will inevitably inquire. If the dreamer replies, "Why, yes, this is a dream!" They're achieving it about lucidity. During REM (rapid eye motion) sleep, the best chances for being lucid within a dream are. In the first two hours after we fall asleep and before we wake up, this stage occurs. We improve REM sleep time by waking and going back to sleep throughout the night. By setting interval alarms throughout the night, waking up for a few minutes, and going back to sleep with the intent of holding the mind alert, others use the sleep/wake process. If awakened during a dream, go back to sleep immediately; re-enter the dream with lucidity if possible. One of the most incredible experiences that anyone can go through is going to the Astral Plane through astral projection. In addition to helping us to fly to every point in space and time, astral projection allows us access to this dimension, where the spirit crosses on the path to being born and dies after the human body. In this world, immaterial creatures exist, but although there are many benign forces residing there, such as angels and good spirits, there are also malevolent entities that may attempt to harm you. This is why it is necessary during astral projection sessions to be properly armed and secured. This is how several separate planes are simply comprised of the Astral Plane, and the lower astral plane is a source of humanity's accumulated evil and terror. Unfortunately, this lower astral plane needs to be crossed to be able to reach the higher levels of the astral world, and it is during this crossing that dangers will occur. In reality, even though they are in the higher levels of the astral world, lower level, or lower vibrational beings, if an astral body is glowing too brightly, it may always follow, since they are drawn by the astral body's bright light. Though there is no chance of dying (read our report on astral projection and the silver cord here to find out all about death through astral projection), it may be a harrowing experience to meet a malevolent lower vibrational being, and can even influence how you perceive astral projection and even the actual material world until it arises. Whether humanity speaks about it and hates it, it is in the astral plane. In the lower astral realm, devils, evil spirits, ghosts, malevolent creatures all dwell. Note, it is the repository of humanity's mutual evil and terror. The energies and light of your astral body are what these monsters search and crave. Like moths to ablaze, they are attracted to it, and more so when they sense the anxiety and doubt.

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