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Getting to Know Abilities: Bilocation

Bilocation the myth or legend of being able to be in two places at once. many believe it is simply because the individual with the ability is a twin however, there have been distinctly bizarre stories of enigmatic figures throughout history that have done exactly that, somehow able to manipulate and subvert the rules of reality to actually exist at the same time in two locations. This is not about teleportation, or the doppelgängers phenomena, but rather certain enigmatic persons that have always appeared to diverge into two different physical types to potentially be instantaneously and concurrently in two locations at once, a "bilocation" phenomenon. Unexplained, disconcerting, and often shocking, these instances of individuals separating into two hints of possible strength. The act of what is referred to as bilocation determines a human physically being concurrently in two positions.It differs from other related manifestations such as astral travel (in which the mind of a human floats beyond the physical body, kind of like a living spirit) or other kinds of out-of-body encounters in that the subject does not appear as a wraith or ghostly, indistinct presence in this second location, but rather as an apparently flesh-and-blood physical entity, indistinguishable from a second location Usually, the bilocator is described as being entirely physically present in both positions, breathing, sweating, and being able to touch items, eat and drink, or otherwise communicate in a regular way with their environment. Bilocation often occurs automatically, while there is always a feeling of needing time to travel from one place to the next in other forms of out-of-body encounters.

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