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Getting to Know Abilities: Channeling

The ability to be a vessel to the Spirit world or to be a source does not actually or inherently make you psychic, or a medium, it only means the Spirit will pass messages through you for some purpose (and in many instances, receive them). It is considered a privilege to become possessed by a Force in Vodou; those Witches are believed by many to have been blessedly touched by the Gods. There are at least four distinct conceptual ways of accessing information in the field of channeling. These just use the channel's mind to submit results. The power to see images is granted to the inner mind. Clairvoyance In the 'psychic' or 'third' eye under the pineal gland, this ability takes place.

They might be fleeting, or they might feel as real as a true vision. They are often true scenes or are sometimes symbols without the use of words to express an image. Those with this skill will also see the forms of the divine realms as they are. The power to perceive noises, songs, names, voices, and information from the upper realms. Clairaudience. The channel hears and translates or repeats the content. Sometimes, in the words they say, the channel can hear the emotional inflections granted. Perhaps this may be the clearest method of divine contact since it does not rely on visual or emotional perception. Often often, it is what is said straight from the world of the Spirits. The capacity to sense when divine forces are present, to KNOW what is being communicated or needed, to KNOW something from knowledge already supplied that one does not know, to KNOW the emotional feelings of the spirit. It is with such certainty that you rely on this information to KNOW something. The power to say, write (can also be referred to as automated writing, but we will discuss that later), compose, invent, and create from the higher realms' receipt of thought-forms. This includes receiving the thoughts and channeling them into some kind of inspiration for structure. This skill has been granted to many of our great composers, writers, and musicians. Many of the bigger inventors may have had this potential as well. Bear in mind the mental channeling skills can also be utilized by those who act as physical channels. The explanation of why the gap between the two is substantial is that they are different sub-sections of psychic channeling skills. Many that are just mental channels do not always do physical feats as well, but once again, in one big kit, several channels have both mental and physical skills. There is certainly no very hard and defined guideline here, just an effort to cover this complicated issue as clearly as possible. The spirit realm has the power to use the channel's physical body as well as the mind. This may include the so-called "trance channels/mediums" and mental healers.

Both find it possible to influence and/or work by their physical bodies through the power of the spirit. Any examples of trance channels/mediums will be those that, by using their own vocal cords, enable an individual from the divine world to communicate directly. The channel is also in a trance-like state at this period, where their mind escapes their body and the consciousness of the spirit takes over and uses the vocal cords, arm gestures, etc ... Of their channel, "host." In the channel's voice, mannerisms, carriage, and maybe even their presentation, there is typically a definite shift. They had little if any memory of how long they were "gone" and what happened during the trance session after "returning". We see none of the channeling forms of trance today. It would appear that as our metaphysical development continues, on a truly aware basis, we humans will have more direct communication. The other physical channeling feat is to allow the body of the channel to be used to flow energy from the divine dimension to those in our universe who need it. Psychic healers and/or energy therapists are also called such networks. In order to assist in the emotional well-being and possible regeneration of our physical bodies, the energy is provided through the medium from the spiritual dimension. A perfect example of one that uses both emotional and physical means of channeling skills together is the psychic healer. The healer also retrieves guidance from either the higher self of the person, a network of healing mentors, or some other source about what is needed, what is wrong, and whether from a social, emotional, or spiritual source from one of the mental abilities for the person being operated on. To feel and see the results that it will really bring, you must witness this. Many that work to support the world by interacting with energy is another example of physical channeling capacity. In the name of science, there are many who help send energies of a positive nature to balance the planet from the negative energies produced every day by man and his riches to the earth. There are those who work to transmute and cleanse this negative force. As no source of energy can be killed, in order to serve a successful cause, it must be transmuted.

As critical as those trying to cure the human form, these "earth workers" are. Together, in order to uplift man and the earth, these resources are very vital. The creation of sounds, images, and a material called ectoplasm that resembles anything defined anywhere from cheesecloth to snot will be other examples of physical channeling that we no longer see much. During the "Spiritualists" years before our history, this sort of "manifestations" became more common. Unfortunately, too many of the actual physical networks were lumped together with the charlatans because of the affected machinations of those who wished to 'cash' in on the goodies, be it monetary, reputation, or enjoyment of a good laugh. This has made the continued production of these gifts unacceptable. Also now, with fictitious references of psychic powers, one needs to search at others who wish to delude the public. Not only does conduct like this disillusion or even damage the public but for those who have genuine talents and try very hard to use them for the better good of the community, it really is a sore spot.

The movie GHOST and the role played by Whoopi Goldberg gave highlights of the disparity between the use of mental and physical skills, as trite as this example can be. It's alone by mental means when she first encounters Sam (the ghost and HUNK of the movie!). Later in the series, though, Whoopi knew how to let the spirits take over her body and talk directly to their loved ones (even as strange as they were!). [The wonderful and tear-jerking (for me anyway!!) sequence, of course, where she encourages Sam to "use" her body with Molly for one more caress.

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