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Getting to know Abilities: Dowsing

Dowsing a technique for searching for underground water, minerals, or anything invisible, by observing the motion of a pointer (traditionally a forked stick, now often paired bent wires) or the changes in direction of a pendulum, supposedly in response to unseen influences. Dowsing can be one of the easiest and also accurate psychic skills to acquire. If you are unsure about the interpretation and answer precise questions properly phrased, it may be used to explain other reading techniques such as the Tarot and also to make decisions. From new-age retailers or online, you can purchase a pendulum specially made for dowsing. Or many individuals choose to make their own.

For example, you can use an old chandelier crystal or a pendant. Anything you feel represents good emotion and can be hung on a string or thin twine length. Have your notebook ready to document the feedback your pendulum gives you when you are ready to start, so you can return to them later. Then, on one hand, keep the pendulum and let it swing easily over your other hand, palm up right below it, until it comes to a halt. You need to build the baseline for your answers when it comes to a full stop. You may either ask it a question that has a yes/no answer, like 'Is it Thursday today? 'Note the manner in which your pendulum swings. If you pose the question on a Thursday, this orientation is yes. Wait before the pendulum ends before posing a question that decides the course of 'No'-which might be' Is it Saturday today? ’. Again, take care of the direction in which the pendulum moves-it may be either clockwise or anti-clockwise or back and forth in a circle. Alternatively, some dowsers just like to ask,' What's the way for yes? 'And then,' What way no? 'and to take care of the


Using whatever approach seems simplest and more intuitive to you. Don't, above all, urge the pendulum to shift. Ask your inner self, if it is not going, to redirect your energies into the hand UNDER the pendulum, not the one carrying the line. This will trigger the swing of the pendulum. All is electricity! You are able to continue answering questions after you have decided which way is yes and which is no. With other psychic powers, before you get solid, correct answers, you may have to train, but the wonderful thing about dowsing is that it has multiple uses and can be used for far more than just addressing your potential questions.

It can be used to select which vitamins or foods the body can need, and you can use it to calculate someone's aura distance as well! You are still within the auric area of the subject if the pendulum keeps spinning!

To register blockages in our chakras, pendulums can also be used simply by putting the pendulum above the energy points in your body. Does a slow action spin and shift or stay stagnant or show it? The above demonstrates a blockage that can be passed by meditation and yoga activities, of course. Your pendulum can also react to conditions of negative energy. Not that I'm suggesting that you whip it out next time you reach a tension-filled room, but you're going to be surprised at how your pendulum responds to energy shifts, which is why dowsing is used so frequently to find water.

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