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Getting To Know Abilities: Healing

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

The power to heal is available to certain witches. With the power to cure themselves, others, and even animals, natural witches are always born. This comes in the form of herbal medicines occasionally, and in the form of spiritual healing sometimes. Healers, from plants, Reiki, and crystal healing, are drawn to holistic medicine. What you need is the courage to believe that this is actually achievable and offer permission to flood into you with Spiritual force. Begin by asking for the safety of Heaven, and see yourself surrounded by white light. A good way to achieve this is to fill your core with white light and then keep the light growing until you are filled with light, somewhat egg-shaped, and keep up your left hand, palm upward, and pray for the spirit of regeneration to flow into you. Imagine the force of regeneration coming from the palm of your left hand into your body. It can be visualized as white light, or green energy, or whatever at the moment seems fitting to you. Trust this one with your instincts or gut instinct, since different healing conditions can involve different forces, or light colors, or warmth, etc. Place your right hand, palm down, on the part of your body that needs treatment, while you keep holding up your left hand and encouraging the diving energies to penetrate. You may sense any warmth flowing into your left hand, and your right hand's palm might get hot. You may experience a tingling or vibrating impact as well. This is the calming force flowing through you. The energy is already there — you're probably not yet sensitive to it.) Relax and be grateful for this energy's capacity to be a channel. It should be used for problems of digestion, muscle soreness, stiff shoulders, headaches, stress, etc., etc.Hands-on Healing for Others You can use this God-given talent to share with others. Teach them to use this force to bind. As a self-healing device, the body was created. The body heals itself when given the opportunity. Animals know this, which is why, when injured or sick, they go off on their own to rest. A human-animal (that is us) will do the same thing, too. For peace, rest, fasting, and healing energies, we should honor the needs of our bodies. Listen to the inner silent voice that directs you as to what you need to do. You can want to take some time to be alone while feeling sick and gently add some soothing energy to your body. This body, after all, is the only one you've got. It will repair itself when properly related to life force, so tap into the root and heal yourself.ENERGY HEALERSTypically, healers dealing with energy focus on overcoming any physical, spiritual, or emotional blockages, usually by modalities such as Reiki, tapping, hypnotism, or more intensive shamanic practices, such healing energy has been used in many ways for decades. Advocates claim that the force fields around the bodywork with it. Energy can stagnate in the body where there has been physical damage or likely emotional distress, according to practitioners. Energy therapy seeks to assist the release of energy to dissolve barriers in a similar manner to acupuncture or acupressure. It is said that this energy permeates the body.Many energy healers do not want to describe it, for the very good explanation that when you don't place your opinions on it, it seems to function easier, but there is structural magic directly (designed, form-based, masculine) such as spells (and language actually, hence the word 'spelling'), then there is natural magic (intuitive, subtle, feminine).There is black magic inside natural magic (attack & protection, male) that takes or blocks energy, and then white magic (healing, feminine) that gives energy.In the giving / white category of intuitive magic, ancient energy healing is present.This makes it one of the simplest ways of magic to master, and instinctively, we all do it.You just need to have the desire to do so in conjunction with a fitting symbolizing gesture to perform energy healing.That's just a fancy way to suggest you need to do something, either place your hands on the person or meditate on the goal.It's not like the symbolizing action couldn't be something else, you could go on a run to heal someone, but you'd actually be overwhelmed, so the symbolizing action could be something that helps you to maintain your concentration, without working too hard to strain your focus.With a successful healer, the # 1 criteria is that they really give a fuck.You make a good healer if you truly care and are willing to show empathy for strangers.If not, and you care only for your close friends and relatives, then, if you want to be, you will be a good healer for them.With that, there's no question, not everyone has to be a healer, everyone has their own role to play.It would be a dull universe if it was the same way for everybody.Any positive/loving/caring thinking already provides the entity with soothing energies.And we all heal each other on a periodic basis.However, it's better when it's approached with a more straightforward purpose and emphasis.

*Authors Note:

The term 'black' means that energy is received (not that it is evil), in the same manner, that light is consumed by a black object, the absorption of as much of it as possible. In the same way, as the sun gives out light, the term 'white' means that energy is given. One person is offering and accepting another to do the healing, but theoretically, it's all black and white working together. Magic can be used to rob people's electricity, but this is not the tool's fault, just as a knife can be used to cut food or it can be used to intimidate people, the distinction is the person's intention to use it, it is not that the knife is bad in itself. Black magic can be used to surgically heal others, protect yourself from attack, most healers that use it to take the negative energy or ailment onto themselves to disperse after the healing. You need the dark side, black (masculine) magic, to perform surgery on the higher energy fields to remove parasites and implants and other such things in advanced healing.

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