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Getting To Know Abilities: The Clairs Pt 4

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

CLAIRVOYANCE: The word clairvoyance (from the French "Clair" meaning "clear" and "voyance" meaning "vision") refers to the capacity to receive visual telepathic knowledge through means other than the known human senses is also referred to as ESP or vision extrasensory. For some clairvoyance is innate, while for other people it can be cultivated by various psychic development techniques, meditation, and yoga. Clairvoyance comes under the umbrella of Paranormal Psychology or pseudoscience today. In most cultures, anecdotal accounts of clairvoyance and "clear" abilities have been recorded throughout history. Religious or shamanic leaders, offices, and rituals have also been associated with clairvoyance. Ancient Hindu religious scriptures, for instance, mention clairvoyance among other types of 'simple' experience, such as siddhis, or 'perfections,' abilities that are generated through adequate meditation and personal discipline. A significant number of records of clairvoyance are displayed in multitudes randomly in the general public. For starters, several individuals describe seeing a loved one who died recently before knowing by some means that their loved one is dead. Though anecdotal accounts do not provide scientific evidence of clairvoyance, study into such phenomena continues to be inspired by such common encounters. During the spiritualist era of the late 19th and early 20th century, clairvoyance was a recorded skill of certain mediums, and psychics from many descriptions have asserted clairvoyant ability William Gregory (chemist), Gustav Pagenstecher, and Rudolf Tischner were among the early pioneers in clairvoyance. This was primarily observational studies in which chosen subjects attempted to recognize a mysterious reference image or provide detailed knowledge about a subject object's background. The notion of an inner third eye that is connected to the Ajna chakra and even the pineal gland is found in various philosophical philosophies, to which the importance of supernatural awakening or liberation, clairvoyant vision, and higher states of consciousness are linked. In ancient, southern, and eastern Asia, this notion traditionally occurs; and also in modern occult theories related to meditation, theosophy, Pagan beliefs, and philosophical philosophies of the Modern Century. The pineal gland's secretory function is only partly known. Throughout the tradition, its location deep in the brain indicated to philosophers that it had special meaning. With supernatural, psychological, and spiritual ideas regarding its supposed activities, this mixture led to its being known as a "mystery" gland.

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