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Herbal Learning: Arrowwood

Arrowwood (Viburnum Dertatum)

Native to Eastern North America, belonging to the Adoxaceae (Moschated) Family. Many variations of this Perennial Shrub.

Arrowwood grows to 15ft tall, White flowers that bloom in spring. This shrub bears a fruit, of small black to blue berries.

It thrives best with well drained soil, in full sun. PH levels vary, but grows best in marshes and swamps.

A decoction of the twigs can prevent conception is women, A poultice used on swollen legs can help with swelling after giving birth. Berries are sweet and edible. Deer feed on it, it is a host plant for spring of the Azue Butterfly.

Metaphysical Properties: Luck, Career growth, enhance intuition, clears anxiety, to promote strength

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