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It's A Cosmic Thing!: Planetary Sigils & Glyphs

As you have undoubtedly seen from countless memes, videos, books, and other documents that refer to the planets, each is associated with a specific symbol generally known as a "glyph." These are mainly used to mark the location of a planet within a map, as a kind of shorthand in documents, and for other reasons, for most people who concern themselves with the planets (astrologers, that is). They can, however, easily be used in sorcery, as they have a clear link to the planets in question both in collective culture and within the minds of most people, and are easily identifiable by many of us, particularly those with occult backgrounds. You can see an illustration that outlines a very easy way to create a kind of miniature invocation of planetary powers that can be beneficial on-the-go or in other cases where it might be impossible to perform a complete ritual or spellwork. It uses the glyphs usually identified with each planet in the way that a sigil would be used.

There are at least 2 or more symbols in each planets sigil directory, which lets one learn more about the real world. Based on the placement and directions they face, we will better view these symbols. Not just that, but if one sign is overemphasized or exaggerated, then we are led to assume that these measures are what we would predict. When used with your own individualized sigils and spellwork, these symbols are fantastic. If you wish, you can also add them into your planetary magic to reinforce your spells even more, if done properly, with a chance of great success. Imagine a spell done with his planetary glyph on his planetary day, within his planetary hour. The consequence and purpose will be of the greatest degree. The Uranian Institute goes on to explain each celestial body in great detail and breaks down each glyph whilst translating what they mean if you want to delve further into the dissection of planetary glyphs that is where V and I found our info.

In reality, the glyphs that one typically sees are signs and each consists of one or more of three simple symbols: the cross of matter or manifestation (Earth), the circle of spirit (Sun), and the mind or intelligence (Moon) crescent. A simple perusal of that or works dealing with the same subject matter reveals how far from random the glyphs themselves are and, if you have built up the connection with those specific forms, really indicate the existence of each world on a deep level. below you will find a list of the most basic Glyphs/Sigils and their meanings:

Mercury Mercury's winged helmet and caduceus

Venus Hand mirror or necklace

Eartha Solar symbol (sun cross) and as an alternate symbol, a stylized globus cruciger

Mars Mars's shield and spear

JupiterJupiter's thunderbolt or eagle

Saturn Saturn's sickle

Uranus The H in symbol taken from discoverer's last name, Herschel and the symbol derived from a combination of the Mars and Sun symbols

Neptune Neptune's trident

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