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Metaphysical Properties: Sands

Beach Sand "Tides remind you of the changing, but constant nature of life. The old will always be washed away, but new things will be brought in, along with fresh starts and a second wind of energy." Stands for: Cleansing, anti-anxiety, boosts energy (considering the nature of beaches, earth and water energies are present, but fire from sunlight and air from the breeze coming inland can also be used; beach sand could stand for all of the elements), can wash away fears and instill calm. Peace charms and sachets can be a way to use beach sand due to the calming effect; beaches are a place of relaxation for most people. Imbued with seawater and salt, it can be a stabilizer through rough times of emotion, change, and stress. Can be an offering to deities and spirits who will accept it (water associations/element for example).

River Sand "Rivers and streams have the ability to `flow’; they bring movement so they are brilliant for removing or getting rid of things whether it’s spell work that focuses on removing or dispelling." Stands for: Cleansing, dispelling unwanted energies, bringing out good aspects (moves out the bad and brings in the good you wish for), protection such as warding, and focus (can aid with healing due to water element association and the ability to move energy out and around the body). Healing rituals or protection rituals can benefit from keeping some river sand nearby; put in jars of protection, around or next to your guardians for your wards, and incorporate in activities (gardening, craft making) to practice focus, self-care, and let your creative juices flow. This earth element can be a good ingredient to incorporate to instill physical change.

Desert Sand "In Siwa, Egypt, amid the rolling sand dunes of an oasis, aching bodies seek out the healing powers of the blistering heat. Patients suffering from rheumatism, joint pain, infertility, or even impotence, are stripped of their clothes and buried up to their necks in the sand, where they stay for 15 minutes." Stands for: Healing (the sun's light energy and the fire element working in tandem), purification, strength, fertility, energy boost (the whiter the sand, the more its been bleached by the raw sun's radiation, meaning more stored energy), speedy results and warmth (similar to Cinnamon, the high relation to fire element allows it), and cursing. Can be used in curses, or any spell, to boost the speed of which the results come, and due to the ability to bring out the fire element, it can be used in healing and just as much in harming (cursing). At night, the sand is exposed to the life that thrives, and it shelters and cools during the day. It seemingly gives birth to a plethora of animals at night, and the plants that can survive are hardy and full of water, plump and healthy. This is where the fertility and strength aspect shines, can be used to symbolize as such.

Volcanic Sand "In Bali it is believed that "Batu" stones are ... evoking an aura of warmth, and the deep penetrating heat from the stones are used to massage the body using traditional techniques to release muscular tension and balance the spirit." Stands for Protection, strength, high energy (forged from fire plus air and sometimes water elements), healing (depending on where and how; beach volcanic sand can, for example, due to the constant exposure to water), bringing out emotions and passions (can make someone say the truth), destruction, and cursing. Due to fire element residing deep within, volcanic anything will always have the ability to heal or destroy; protection is an amazing middle ground, it will harshly and strongly protect against ill willing energies, and also keep you or your chosen place safe. The innate strength can also bring out your innermost desires, revealing true thoughts, however good or bad it may be; wear as a confidence boost or use in truth revealing spells.

Heavy Mineral Sand "Heavy mineral sands are a class of ore deposit which is an important source of zirconium, titanium, thorium, tungsten, rare-earth elements, the industrial minerals diamond, sapphire, garnet, and occasionally precious metals or gemstones." Stands for: Motivation, overall cleansing, regrowth on a personal level, focus (overall or specifics, depending on the components of the sand), and being a jack-of-all-trades (contains all minerals that make up lots of crystals and ores, and they may vary depending on the area taken from but still). If you don't have clear quartz, mineral-dense sands can be a substitute due to it most likely already having the presence of quartz in it, and containing many other minerals makes it an overlapping ingredient. Elementally balanced, in most cases, you can meditate with the sand to center your energies and practice focus. Crystal Sand Stands for: Whatever the crystal used Crystal sand sounds exactly as it is: the sand version of crystals. The sand form can make it easier to incorporate into jars or other hard to fit containers.

Black Sand Protection, banishing, cleansing, purification, and stability The most natural way to obtain black sand can be: gathering volcanic sand OR mixing white/light sand with ashes, exactly like black salt (adding charcoal as well). The color magic of black makes up that specific usage, but making black sand from another natural sand such as beach or river would add those associations on top of the color. There is also dyed, store-bought sand which can be used for color magic purposes as well. Biogenic Sand "Biogenic sand is composed of exoskeleton or bone fragments of the dead sea (usually) creatures... Biogenic sand is usually light-colored and its components are usually made of carbonate material although some organisms prefer silica." Stands for: Protection, healing, earth associations (bone), debatably working with the dead/spirits (that is a debated topic; follow the rules, ask politely to obtain the sand from the energies and spirits around as well as the Earth before taking). Heavy earth association means healing magic and rituals can include biogenic sand as an ingredient; sachets, green/gardening work to supplement the soil, and spiritual connection to the dead. Sand Courseness (What each trait of grind corresponds with):

Very fine - creativity, psychic awareness, productivity (job and spiritual related works)

Fine - money, prosperity, lust (asset-related works)

Medium - love, banishing, purification, cleansing (energy-related works)

Coarse - protection, to aid in quitting a bad habit (choice and strength related works)

Very coarse - healing, meditating, concentrating (bodily and mental related works)

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