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Palmestry: Handtpyes

(Palmistry) Chiromancy

Jewish and Israeli history, politics, and culture encyclopedia, with biographies, figures, essays, and papers on subjects from anti-Semitism to Zionism.

"Since 1974, Sasha Fenton's Guide Book, "... a trained astrologer, palmist, and tarot card reader. She has also served as president of the British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS), chair of the Astrological Education Advisory Commission, and member of the Great Britain Writers' Guild Executive Council," according to Google.

Hands Forms

Metal Hand: logical individuals with a high propensity for work and leadership-Features: square wrists, fingers, and nails; white, dewy, fleshy, and elastic palm-Personality: metal hands are realistic, not influenced by ego, strong-willed and law-abiding. In leadership, they are capable and talented, have a feeling of honesty and justice, like defending rather than abusing the poor. They will pay back if they are helped. They are often hesitant to let others down or take advantage of them and seem to surrender to the vulnerable but not to the strong. People of this sort of hand have the ability to smash through the adverse situation, endure the strain, and modify the world in order to influence their own destiny. They are so involved often the people around them experience great pressure. -Love Relationship: The sexual deceit or the reckless and casual lover who talks suggested words are constant and unromantic and should not be embraced. Instead, they tend to be hostile and capable of high levels of aggression.

If you want to start a relationship with someone like a metal fist, with realistic action you need to show your affection.

Job: They need to improve executive capability and performance-oriented work, such as a chief, boss, official and legal specialist, no matter the industry they chose. This style of work involves collaboration, collaboration, and teamwork, which is goal-oriented, helping them to manage their full ability more effectively and better.

Wood Hand: Emotional, Aesthetic, and Imaginative People -Features: long-fingered oblong palms, well-defined knuckles, and strong thumbs hard to bend -Personality: People with wood hands are stubborn and independent and tend to be elevated to stifling. They always hold enigmatic to anyone with no complex dependence but exclusivity, dislike cliquism, get used to the set lifestyle, and can hardly adapt to the shifting environment. They are clearly conscious of their own minds and bold to be and share themselves. In the meantime, they will carry on the necessary obligations to take care of the poor. Being soft-hearted and caring, they are also easily touched. In addition, they are very curious, generally get to the bottom of things, and display their exceptional skills in theology, literature, philosophy, psychology, etc. Loving Relationship: Wood's hands are romantic and appear to have Platonic love. They would not be tossed, of high taste, unless the lover is fine both inside and outside and has the noticeable looks.

Water Hand: sentimental, skilled, and resourceful people-Features: big, plump, and smooth palms with stubby fingers, round fingertips, and long nails-Personality: Water hands people are smart and talented fast learners who are keen to observe the reality behind things and like to investigate it. They are clear-minded and boast distinctive judgment and intellectual ability. They lack execution and action, considering their rich creativity, and sometimes engage in hollow speaking. They will also respond to various positions in the surrounding world and modify the environment, no matter how serious it is.-Love Relationship: They can fall in love with people from different backgrounds and draw the novel and different emotions to each other. The cognitive disparity needs to be resolved, though. They are more likely to start a partnership with the one with few common points but several differences-Work: regardless of the sector they chose, they typically engage in thought-oriented brainwork, such as operator thinking about organizational strategy, company staff thinking about sales development, analysis staff thinking about technological breakthrough, marketing staff thinking about aboo This style of work involves critical reasoning, strategic planning and imaginative creativity and is brain-powered.

Fire Hand: emotional and charming competent people-Features: long palms and fingertips, ill-defined knuckles, and ruddy nails-Personality: With 3-minute enthusiasm, people with fire hands are fast thinkers. They are passionate and straightforward about whether to love or dislike; they are prepared to suffer for the one they love, but they do not want to have any contact with the one they hate. They are interested in many things as smart fast learners and can talk freely with assurance but lack perseverance-Heart Relationship: With good looks, they always fall in love at first sight and easily grow the relationship. The sweetness will not last long, though and they usually give up in half because it is impossible for them to hold the same enthusiasm from start to finish. Therefore if you wait for the beautiful love, you can conceal the outward beauty from seeking the right one who loves your soul rather than face-Work: Full of talent, intelligence, bravery, and vigor, fire hands can take on the role alone and they like to have room and stage to bravely advance rather than the set pattern. Their exceptional achievement also makes people believe like they are asocial. Horizontal development, connectivity, and teamwork would be the most critical for them.

Earth hands-Features thick palms and fingertips, broad wrists, gritty skin, and palm print, the thick muscle at the thumb base-Personality: People of earth hands are able to risk themselves to protect others. Earth Hand: logical and down-to-earth people of executive capacity. They are designed to the situation, belonging to the wise rather than the smart, and they will tolerate anyone. They are easy-going but a little boring, and they have many useful opinions, but they never arbitrarily declare them. Since they don't want to take credit, they sometimes neglect their sacrifices. Their major position will be understood after they quit the original message. They find it impossible for others to view their inner life with a powerful sense of self-protection. Lso, with the stuff they hang on, they never give up easily, so a little stubborn -Heart Relationship: In general, they get a crush on someone easily but always fail. After a long time in friendship, their advantages and inner elegance are always discovered-Work: Earth hands belong to people who work quietly, keep on straight to the end and never show off, but through the accumulation of knowledge, make exceptional accomplishments. In order to control others, they enjoy doing their own job well. Although they lack multi-functional growth, with tremendous commitment, they can still dedicate themselves to their professional field and hold on while others give up. They establish an irreplaceable meaning by the accumulation of knowledge.

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