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Pentacle or Pentagram?

The Pentagram

The Pentagram being a crucial symbol in all cultures for centuries, has had many associations and meanings. It represents Purity. It symbolizes light and love. It symbolizes the directional points; North, South, East, West and the Spirit. It also symbolizes the Earth, Water, Air, and Spirit. It also symbolizes God and the Goddess. If encased within a circle, it becomes a pentacle.

The Pentacle

The Pentacle is mainly used as protection by spiritualists.

Another popular symbol used across cultures, and history; obtaining many meanings over the centuries by different groups. It invokes the elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and the Spirit. The symbol is used for shielding against physical and spiritual harm, from both human intent, and paranormal.The squares represent the elements while the circle encasing represents the spirit. Pentacles are often worn as charms, used

in wiccan rituals, and much more.

Inverted Pentagram “Baphomet”

The inverted pentagram represents that the animal body has power over the soul or the spiritual body, and is primarily used for powers by followers of the Left Hand Path, black magick practitioners and satanists.

However, being another symbol, it is not distinctly used as for black magick or satanist. Some covens have used the symbol for ranking. However, with Satanists having given it a demonic and evil reputation it is rarely used by Wiccans, and other practitioners.

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