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Quick Review: Amber Stone


Amber is a “stone” that is technically fossilized tree resin. Amber is great for fertility challenges, It is a Kind Healing stone. A helper with patience, and promotes joy while removing your negativity.

Gain responsibility for your life and enhance your actions and motives with a kind and healing energy. A very calm and wise stone to help guide you through intimate and sensitive times and issues.

Among the well-known varieties are Baltic amber, Madagascar amber, and South American.

Historical Folklore

In History, Our ancestors would burn the smoke of amber, to drive away spirits and harmful enchantments.

Amber was ground into a Healing powder and mixed with honey or oil to be used as a natural antibiotic to help regenerate tissue in Europe, Egypt, and Arabia.

Chakra Association

Manipura: the Solar plexus chakra.

Health Folklore

Amber has been used to draw illnesses from the body. It is wonderful for the nervous system and aids in brain function. As well as the resins used in history to be treated on wounds as an antibacterial.

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