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Tarot Tips

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

It’s Tuesday; so let’s talk tarot! Did you know there are multiple ways people may use or interpret tarot cards? Some use spreads, others go off intuition alone, some use pendulums or their hands to read the cards energies before selecting them… It's a practice totally unique to the practitioner! Although a traditional approach is totally valid, (especially for beginners! Start with the basics; then once you have that foundation you can get more creative with things.) modern witches love incorporating new tricks into their trades… so here are a few fun tarot tips to try yourself!

  1. Shuffle your cards and then when you feel ready, locate The Empress card in the deck. The card below will reveal how to care for and nurture yourself. ♥

  2. In a pickle by your own hand? Shuffle your cards and then find The Fool in your deck. The card below represents where you went wrong, and the card above shows how you can rectify the situation.

  3. If you find yourself in conflict with another person, shuffle and locate the 5 of swords; the solution to your problem will be below it.

  4. Feeling stuck? Shuffle and find The Hanged Man. The card below will reveal what is holding you back and the card above will teach you how to overcome it.

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