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Water & Crystal Skrying

Water Scrying- Staring into the water, for a while, pictures can be perceived. In order to generate ripples, artifacts like pebbles may also be thrown into the sea. After that these ripples are perceived. Another ancient method of divination, which goes back thousands of years and includes the use of water to carry messages, is hydromancy. Water is a creation metaphor related to the movement of mutual unconsciousness, often referred to within reality as the Hall of Records, Akashic Records, Grid Harmonics, perception matrix, etc. As most messages are vague, the better you learn to concentrate your eyes when staring into the water, the more easily you open yourself up to receiving messages and knowing their meaning. Hydromancy in nature is better achieved near a body of water on a quiet day, such as a creek or lake, where you can gaze. Oh, sit down. Inside this natural body of water, relax and look. Wait and watch. In the sea, you can even drop a pebble and read the ripples as they shape. As water is still in movement, a symbol for the movement of our life, you might see a picture appear in motion. As lunar powers are related to the goddess, some people like to look into the water at night in the light of a full moon. If indoor hydromancy needs a peaceful environment to be located, free of distraction since you would have to concentrate your mind. Find a bowl in which the water will be put. It shouldn't have a prototype on it. It is possible to use singing crystal bowls used for harmonics, but be careful not to damage the bowl, since most are tuned for other purposes. Alternatively, simply pick a wide, deep bowl made of glass, brass, or silver. It must have a rim that is smooth and even. To choose the best one for you, you can have to change bowls several times. Know, harmonic frequencies are borne by metal cups. Place the bowl in a dry room, one where you can comfortably view it. From a well, a tap, or a creek, the water used can be distilled. It can also be preserved and used to scry water again at a future time. It is also assumed that water of tremendous energy is obtained by the light of a full moon or by standing in the sun. Then the Use of a Wand Using a Wand is here. Humans use a wand made from the limb of a bay tree, hazel tree, or laurel in some ceremonies. The end of the wand should be coated with a resin or dried tree sap. Until it gets wet, dip the end of the wand into the water. Wet the bowl's rims. It will cause it to echo by softly drawing the surface of the wand across the pipe. The motion of the resonating basin would cause the basin to create circular ripples. With the noises, the water can appear to breathe.

Crystal scrying- Happens when a crystal ball or a scrying mirror is used. Crystal balls and scrying mirrors come in varying shapes and colors. Some individuals, like black or blue, chose to use a darker hue, some choose transparent quartz, or even a flat table or wall mirror. My view is that the resources are not nearly as important as capability growth. You are literally given a focal point by the ball, water, or mirror.

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