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Ways To Make Your Room/Space More Witchy

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Some witches can find it alluring to want to add some witchy items or aesthetics into their rooms or everyday lives. Now, many witches can have different paths such as dark or light and this can influence what kind of feeling you want in your space. Some universal elements would be the moon, stars, sun, and images that remind one of a certain element. An easy and subtle way to incorporate these items into a person’s area would be through paintings, tapestries and even candles that have labels with imagery on them or certain scents. For the more open practicing witch, you can hang herbs up to dry in the area or even for more green feeling hang them on an animal’s antles, such as a deer’s antlers. Another easy way would be to add plants into the living space. Succulents make for a great way to add some life into an area. Even adding in fake plants can bring some green calming feelings in or even a darker and mysterious aura can be created by using black or darker colored fake plants. One known stable for a witchy aesthetic or feel would be long taper candles and fancy holders for them. Another fun subtle idea to add could be a salt lamp as they are known for cleansing a space and giving it a nice feeling with the light’s uniqueness. Antique stores are also a great place to find unique items to add to one’s witchy aesthetic. Fairy lights can add a whimsical feel and look to an area with ease and can be inexpensive as well as easy to find. Another whimsical idea is a light machine that can project lights onto the ceiling at night as some can even project stars and the moon throughout one’s area. A main subtle way to add the stars and whatever feel to a space would be to find blankets or bed sets to complete the witchy look one could be looking for.

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