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Weak Heart Chakra

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

When the Heart Chakra is weak or closed down, expressions of love are repressed. You are emotionally unstable and lack a sense of balance. You tend to be more shy and feel alienated and lonely and might develop a fear of intimacy. Your empathy dwindles.

When Heart Chakra is overactive, you may have a tendency to become a ‘people pleaser,’ be unable to set healthy boundaries, and experience jealousy.

Spiritually, this chakra is related to love and integrating opposites in the psyche such as mind-body, male-female, and yin-yang.

Physical manifestations of an imbalanced Heart Chakra can include poor circulation, heart disease, respiratory problems, high or low blood pressure, depression, allergies, lung cancer, upper back and shoulder problems/injuries, and breast cancer.

Nature Meditation – The Heart Chakra’s element is air. Finding a quiet place outdoors where you can experience the wind on your body, breathe in fresh air and throw open a ‘window’ into your heart will help you feel refreshed and balanced. Sit where you can witness life force in motion: Trees bending in the wind, a goldfish pond, clouds moving across the sky, a waterfall, or even watching shooting stars in the night sky.

Heart Affirmation – Place your hands with palms open over your sternum. Close your eyes and feel the soft pulse of your heartbeat. Take 3 deep breaths, stating aloud, “I love with my soul,”.

When your heart chakra is open and balanced you’re likely to be more compassionate, loving, centered, and at peace. With an open-heart chakra, we can love unconditionally, evolve, and heal.

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