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About Me,

My name is V, and I offer many services and opportunities. I am a mother, entrepreneur, and spend a large majority of my time on studying various subjects. 

I enjoy challenging myself and those around me, to seek the many levels of truth and always pushing the possibilities

I am here to help in many ways and am always available for a free consultation!


Merry meet, and Blessed be. 

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Mentorship Program

Expand your Knowledge.

I offer a mentorship program to those seeking guidance and knowledge. 
I have various subjects in which I have helped numerous Pupils build and grow in their craft and practices. 

You must be:
Over 18 Years of age

Dedicated and Willing

The program starts at $30/Month depending on the results of your consultation. 

Book a free consultation today! Start your journey!

You receive:
24/7 Contact and help. 

Assignments and Reports

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