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Divining the Scry

Scrying is a method of divination, which means "predicting the future," but for personal development and advice, it is also a wonderful tool to use. Not only for the future but for the present and for the past as well. You will find answers to challenges you are dealing with, read more about your previous lives, and catch glimpses of the future as well of course. Scrying and divination are often not only for witches and spiritual workers, it can be performed by anybody. Scrying is extremely easy to do only practice is required. In the mirror, crystal ball or stream, the goal is to see" stuff. Dim the lights in the room first then set up some candles and some relaxing incense. Since you want your real eyes to take a back seat to your psychic vision, it is better if there are no bright lights. In order to get into a calm, meditative mood, take a few minutes. Take a few long, steady breaths and free the body from all the strain. Focus on the mirror, crystal ball or glass of water while you feel relaxed and concentrated. Don't want to hurry the process, keep your eyes slightly out of view and remain very calm. Don't push yourself or try to force it. Let your thoughts go where they want to go. You can also talk with your spirit guides if you like, ask them questions, and then wait for any pictures that emerge. The first couple of times you do this, you may not see much but keep it you will finally. The quicker you can get into that comfortable state and note even faint impressions, the better you do scrying and associated psychic activity. Symbols Deciphering If you've seen some videos, write them down. In reality, when you're first getting started, keeping a "Scrying Diary" or "Divination Journal" is a brilliant idea. It will help to maintain notes because then the significance of the symbols will become clear. If you have asked questions from your guides, write them down in your journal along with any pictures you have seen. Can you make any sense of the images? Is it possible to relate them to situations of your life? You can also adapt their functionality to your own case, even though you're not aware of the "known" significance of the symbols. Pay heed as you yell of your psychic sense, too. How does it feel when you see an image? That can be a clear example of the meaning expected. Don't be afraid to call for guidance from your guides either. Tell them that you do not understand the word, and ask them to send you some sign that might be easier for you to understand.

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