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Eyeliner Divination-Created by Artfvlly

EYELINER DIVINATION Goes on easily, hardly any touch ups: Your day will go smoothly, keep an eye on which side may have needed small touch ups, may indicate a small bump in your day. Otherwise, whatever you’re currently working towards (getting a project done, productivity, hanging out with friends) will go well and you will feel confident and like you’ve achieved something. Struggle with one side: Struggling with one side indicates you’ll have trouble in one part of your day, I will later explain which side equals what part of the day. It might be that you feel that you weren’t productive, your friends were rude, or just generally having a rough/bumpy ride. Uneven: You’re going to lack balance in your life today, think about what that balance could be and how you can improve from it, or grow from it. Maybe you value your friends over work life or vice versa? At the end of the day think about how this early prediction of your day went and if it applied, and what it applied to. Sides and their meanings: Left represents the morning and early afternoon. Right represents late afternoon and night. In the English world when thinking of time we go from left to right, left being the past or more recent events, right being future events. Left can also represent yourself, so if you don’t have something weird happening in the morning it could represent an issue within yourself or your attitude in relation to your day. Right, can also represent the people around you, your social interactions. If it’s friends, family or complete strangers. Think about how you treat your friends, or how they treat you. Or even look out for how those around you treat/perceive you during your day and understand if there is a way to change it. (Although, some people just suck and they are the ones that need to change not you. It’s more of a prediction that you may have issues in social situations.)

KEY CONCEPTS For note taking or people who don’t want to read my rambling: Left - Morning / Early afternoon or it represents you as a person, your beliefs, attitudes and personality. Right - Late Afternoon / Night or it represents social situations, friends, family, strangers and how you all interact. Uneven - Unbalance in your day Struggle with one side - Apply right/left meaning to your day. Look out for potential obstacles in those areas. Goes on easily - Your day will go smoothly - take note of any small touch ups needed in relation to left/right - may indicate small bumps in your day in respective area.

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