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Herbal Learning: Agrimony

Agrimony (Genus Agrimonia)

from the Northern Hemisphere, of the Rosaceae Family. A perennial, native to Europe and North Africa. It grows up to 4ft tall, containing yellow flowers that bloom in June. Has a slight apricot scent.

Part Shade, Moist to Dry Soil, found in Woods, Grasslands, and Swamps.

Medicinal Uses

Best used as a tea.

Agrimony is used for the liver, kidney, and stomach. It can ease negative symptoms in these areas. Agrimony contains tannins. Agrimony can help ease symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Symptoms) and Sore Throat. Agrimony can also lower blood sugar levels.

Used on the skin as an astringent and for inflammation. Used for wound healing, giving it the name as the “gunshot herb”

3grams daily for a healthy use, 160mg if it is Extract. It can be consumed in moderation and used on the skin in short term use.

CAUTION: do NOT use when pregnant, it can affect the menstrual cycle as well.

Too much agrimony can cause nausea, vomiting, and liver injury.

Symbolizes Gratitude and Thankfulness. Happiness and Sunshine.

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