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Hex vs Curse

Hex; Temporary harm, Hexes are primarily done by witchcraft practitioners, they are not long term, and are not as severe as curses. Hexes are still harmful, and are not generational.

Curse; Not always done by witchcraft practitioners. Curses are long term and can be very severe, even deadly. Curses can last through generations, and can be very difficult to break.

Nowadays, both curses and hexes are seen in various forms of spells and rituals. There are hexes that use circles and consecrations, and there's also curses that involve elaborate ritualistic practice.

Hexes are dark spells of Ill will casted by practitioners to to temporarily effect their target, While a curse Can have a life long effect, and even be passed down generations. It is said, curses can be done by those outside of witchcraft and the occult where as hexes require methods a practitioner would do, such as a spell.

Questions to ask to identify when you have a dark spell on you:

Have you been experiencing bad luck everyday?

Did you angered someone/witch or deity, to deserve it?

Do you feel watched?

Any bad omens?

Any repeating nightmares?

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