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It's A Cosmic Thing!: Moon Phases

New Moon: Completely Dark Blank page New beginnings Unlimited possibilities Planting seeds Intention

Waxing Crescent: Very small part of the right side is lit while the rest is dark Fresh energy Conceptualize Focus on detail Sprouting Declaration

First Quarter: Right half-lit while the left half is dark Momentum Challenges Paying attention Sending roots Action

Waxing Gibbous: Nearly all of the moon is lit while a very small part of the left side is dark Patience Edit & Refine Gestation Nurture self

Full Moon: Fully lit Peak energy Blessings Joy Gratitude Blossoming Celebration

Waning Gibbous: Nearly all lit with a small part on the right is dark Release Receive Service Harvest Nurture Others

Third Quarter: Left half is lit while the right half is dark Breakdown Readjustment Transition Decomposition Forgiveness

Waning Crescent: Very small part of the left side is lit while rest is dark Surrender Rest Restore Reflection Composting Intuition

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