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It's a Cosmic Thing!: Retrogrades

In Retrograde, a planet simply means that it tends to be going backward relative to the Surface, and may have a certain effect on some persons. This illusion arises as another planet in its orbit "laps" the Earth. Every earth has gone retrograde over the course of a couple of years. It is seen by people much of the time as a negative thing, but that is not necessarily the case.

Retrograde Mercury

Mercury is the most frequently debated retrograde. A lot of confusion can be caused. You can find it hard to talk during a Mercury retrograde, try new stuff, and fly. This doesn't mean you're not trying in any way, but if this stuff happens to you, then this is most definitely the cause.

Retrograde Venus

This world rules over marriage, so relationships can be influenced for better or for worse (ha). This can give us a chance in our love lives to gain more insight. It is a healthy time to prepare for ourselves and set targets. It is also a fantastic time for budget and financial planning to be made. Conversely, beginning a new relationship during this time can become tricky. At this time, try not to make major financial decisions.

Retrograde from Mars

During this time, finishing duties will become challenging. This is a low-energy era, so try to prevent new sexual ties or work. Reversely aim to channel as much energy as possible so that after the retrograde, you can use it to its fullest degree.

Retrograde of Saturn

Retrograde Saturn, known as the "Karma World," gives us an incentive to reconsider our values and collection of laws. Now would be a safe time to go out and reset your limits from your comfort zone. The retrograde of Saturn presents us with an ability to dwell on previous failures and let go of them and leave them in the past.

Retrograde from Pluto

It is important to do some reflective thought and self-examination during this retrograde. It could help us reflect more on our darker self, and for shadow work, it's perfect.

Retrograde Jupiter

This retrograde provides us with time to work further on our targets. Now is a safe way to learn what makes you happy and a little time to rest and calm down. Conversely, making errors will become simpler, but be careful!

Retrograde of Uranus

This retrograde will carry good and bad big modifications. It's going to drive you out of your field of safety and make you face your fears. I recommend going with the flow, as it helps to strengthen yourself in the long run. This is a moment to understand what we want and to Get Serious.

Retrograde of Neptune

This retrograde is a chance to realistically look at our priorities to find out whether what we think about is possible. It will help you find out what changes in your life need to be made.

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