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It's Just Images in the Tea Darling!

The art of reading tea leaves, also known as tasseomancy, is a tradition of ancient proportions of divination; origins back to ancient China are known, and they are speculated to have the greatest early intake and production of tea. Women are usually the ones that practiced the procedure historically, and the technique will be handed on from daughter to daughter, grandma to granddaughter. In no way does gender impact readings. The way you swirl the cup, who drinks the tea, the mix you steep, all interchangeable is the course ground size; what is important is purpose when you sip, relax, and have a round bottomed cup. It is advised to use and handle your instruments with care, and to cleanse AND clean them properly, like any sort of divination. When it comes to tea leaf literacy, a very contentious discussion is "Do I use refined or raw, loose leaf tea?" If you feel like you can't get the blend you want atm, just use the next best, or if you really want Lipton black tea, just break the tea bag open and dump in the value of one tea cup, and there! Leaves on which to read. To read tea leaves: steep the leaves for how long the packaging mentions OR how strong you like it and then make the person asking or you drink the cup slowly. Think about the problem casually, totally calm, and continue to drink until you have left one tea spoon or two of fluid (enough you can always slip the leaves on the bottom of the cup around). There are two options to swirl now: swirl clockwise as many times as you feel necessary during the time you drink, or then swirl until you have hit the bottom of the cup. Place the saucer (plate) of the tea cup on top, and easily turn it over to get rid of the useless extra leaves as well as the water entry. What's left is the reading, and it's all about the recognition of forms, letters, numbers, even animals or symbols from then on. I think it can be very difficult to select who says which symbol and whether they are correct or not because the practice of tea leaf reading is very old school and versatile; note, this practice is ancient and is usually handed on from family to family, so many will see multiple symbols as different things. Therefore, before even getting into your reading, I recommend only searching for the largest dictionary of definitions you can find, and the better the more information. Skim over them occasionally until you have found your dictionary, and over time your subconscious can learn to sync between your selected meanings and you carry out the ritual. "Note, use your psychic ability to gain more knowledge when viewing the images. You should either use a Dream Book or a book that explains symbolism and archetypes to help explain the images you see As consciousness grows, the interpretation of the symbols also evolves. Strive to see them as holograms."

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