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Metaphysical Properties: Veggies

Artichoke- love, lust, personal growth, protection, safety, sexual desires, temptation

Asparagus- aphrodisiac, cleansing, fertility, healing, lust, sex, power, unfaithfulness

Bean- communication, creativity, divination, inspiration, money, protection, wisdom

Beet- beauty, blood, desire, fertility, healing, love, passion, relationships, sexual energy

Broccoli- healing, health, leadership, physical strength, prosperity, protection, wealth

Brussel Sprout- determination, endurance, health, protection, stability, strength

Cabbage- anti-nightmare, fertility, lunar presence, money, prosperity, protection, sleep

Carrot- desire, dispel illusions, fertility, healing, lust, sexuality, protection, visions

Cauliflower- emotions, feminine energy, growth, lunar energy, personal protection

Celery- calming, concentration, lust, mental clarity, passion, peace, psychic awareness, sexuality Corn- abundance, blessings, fertility, luck, prosperity, protection, rituals, spirituality

Cucumber- calming, chastity, fertility, healing, hinders lust, peace, relaxation, stress relief

Eggplant- hoodoo, money, prosperity, sexuality, wealth

Endive- cleansing, increases sexual drive, letting go, love, lust, relationships, sex

Horseradish- anti-negativity, breaks hexes, energy, passion, protection, purification

Kale- healing, strength Leek; anti-impurity, exorcisms, friendships, healing, love, protection, purification, strength Lettuce- astral travel, divination, love, lunar magick, meditation, protection, sex, sleep

Onion- anti-negativity, dreams, endurance, health, lust, money, prosperity, protection, stability Potato- energy, healing, hoodoo, luck, money, poppet (image magick), stability, wealth

Pumpkin- banishing, divination, love, lunar magick, prosperity, protection, rebirth, wishes

Radish- breaks curses, fire magick, lust, protection

Squash- prosperity, protection Tomato; anti-negativity, creativity, love, offerings, passion, prosperity, protection, repel evil

Turnip- death, ending relationships, fertility, protection, sexual energy

Zucchini- faithfulness, fertility, lust, prosperity, protection, relationships, sex magick

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