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OH! That's When To Do It!

There are many ways to cast a spell, such as when you should cast to achieve the highest level of potency according to your preference and fashion of casting (meaning it's not a must to follow these rules if it makes sense for you not to do so just trust your intuition to know when to cast). CAST DURING THESE TIMES FOR...

Dawn- Bless the beginnings of relationships, jobs, work projects, health regimes, and studies, inviting new energies, setting up for the day; if you have any planned rituals, take the time to "warm-up", meditate and prepare

Noon- Sun energy best used then; can use said energy to manifest health, money, opportunity, success, or any high energy magic should preferably be cast then such as protection (wards) or any bigger rituals you have planned

Dusk- Release, letting go of illness, poverty, failure, and heartbreak; prepare for good rest and the next day, dispelling can also be done at this time Midnight- Self-development and healing of others, divination, ESP, psychic work, Moon energy spells CAST ON THESE DAYS FOR...

Sunday- Personal achievement and Goals

Monday- Fertility, feminine energy, and Charge silver in the moonlight

Tuesday- Increase strength and Courage

Wednesday- Communication and healing a rift

Thursday- Practical magic, Healing, And Prosperity

Friday- Love Magic and Friendship

Saturday- Cleansing, Binding, and Banishing


New Moon-set a general objective for the month-new moon to new moon, spells of luck, spells of protection, spells of shadow work, healing energies

Waxing Cresent- Manifestation and surplus, spells of long-term or material reward, wealth spells, job spells, nice for moon water as well,

First Quarter- Spells of regeneration (both physical and emotional), spells of development (for you and others), luck spells, Relax, evaluate, and prepare your next breath, sit tight and let the World do its work, bath spells, divine cleansing, watch your operations

Full Moon- It signifies the culmination and fulfillment of all you began during the phase of the Waxing Moon, moon water, divination spells, any specific spellwork that could use a substantial boost, like abundance rituals, protection, devotion, or wisdom

Waning Gibbous-removing and suppressing toxic forces, divorce-related banishing practices, breakup, trouble elimination, addictions, depression and other negative emotions, security spells, bath spells, moral cleansing

Last Fourth- End the removal and cleansing procedures quietly. Close any unresolved concerns and peacefully refresh your inner energy, time to be careful and use this lunar period to relax, isolate yourself from your life's dysfunctional interactions, unhealthy habits of actions or something bad. Overcome melancholy and despair, spells of justice,

Waning Cresent- Take a moment of closure and meditation, do not use it to make any significant decisions or launch a new project, give thanks for a period that finishes, think back on what you have done over the past month, what mistakes you have made and how you can strengthen and continue to develop, spells and rituals of appreciation, calming and anti-stress spells

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