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Smoke reading from your Insense

A very traditional tradition that has persisted for millennia is the burning of incense. Incense is used for various reasons by healers, yogis, adherents of various divine teachings, confessions, and religions: sleep, concentration, ceremonies, purification of space energy, etc By witnessing and interpreting burning incense smoke as well as its ash, libanomancy is divination. Just like with any other types of divination, a specified question must be asked in order to be answered during Libanomancy. The response to that question can be found within the smoke. The ancient Babylonian period, dated about 2000-1600 BC, is referred to in Lebanon's texts. With time, this form of divination started to weaken, but the experience was retained by the diviners. Lebanomancy spread from Mesopotamia to Egypt and later became known in Europe. Incense plays the role of a conductor who associates the subtle universe with our material world. A symbolic dialog with the' subtle universe' is the smoke that emerges from the burning of incense. The subtle language of the universe is however not so plain. To grasp it, however, we need to learn how to decode the enigmatic texts. Incense smoke will help you: know that the room's energy is clean Find yes/no answers to your questions Indicate positive or negative omens Find out if you're going to excel You need to light the incense and watch how the smoke reacts in order to interpret incense smoke. You need to pay attention to how the smoke from the burning incense reacts to decide the purity of the energy of the room. You will observe that the smoke goes up in a long, thin flow as you begin to clean the energy with incense. This is how the energy level drives the smoke out. You will begin to note that the smoke from the thin flow turns into a smoke cloud that covers the whole space as you keep cleansing the energy of the room. A smoke cloud means the room is washed, that the air becomes brighter, that the smoke will soar. Using this smoke interpretation tool, you can quickly decide how the energy cleaning process is going on, whether it is appropriate to proceed or whether the room's energy is already filtered.

YES or NO Answers-Light the incense to answer your question with the intention of receiving a response. Focus your mind on the issue, relax and pay attention to the smoke of incense. If the smoke goes straight up, the conclusion is certainly Yes" if it does not deviate to the left and right. The conclusion is certainly "No as the smoke appears to break up into uneven pieces. The response is "Yes" if the smoke is branching circles, but the case would not go precisely the way you expected it to go. In all aspects of life, this form of smoke will also bring an amazing increase and performance. Saying the intention is another way to get the yes/no answer: "If the answer to my question is "Yes," then let the smoke rise towards me." If No" is the answer to my question, then let the smoke rise away from me." Watch now how the smoke works."

Positive or Negative OMENS-If the top of the smoke collects at its base like a date palm and is small, it predicts trouble. If an upward flow of smoke is broken down into two, three, or more flows, but they are both clear and perfect, so the case would include a smoke strip consists of three split streams, so there will be a disagreement between these parties. You will face a dispute or illness when the smoke has split into two fair or unequal strips. It's a positive indicator when the smoke deviates to the right. It's a bad sign when the smoke deviates towards the left. If there are several broken corners, with broken edges in geometric forms, so it's a sign of danger going your way. If the smoke goes to the right, you're going to win, and you're going to have success. You can not win as the smoke goes to the left and you will miss something or someone. You're going to win if the smoke clots, enjoy the profit, and luck is on your side. It poses problems as the upper portion of the smoke is cut off. Some symbols that can be used will symbolize the dates in the Smoke Figures, then incidents will arise with a number of days remaining before anything occurs. When you are about to face great changes in your life, the Infinity symbol appears in the smoke. The fork, the knife, or the trident symbolize the threat that comes your way.

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