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Its A Cosmic Thing!: Moonology

The principle of interacting with the Moon is 26,000 years old at the very least. Because of cave drawings discovered in France, we know this. Ancient men and women wanted to know when the Moon was going to be sharper (Full Moon) or unseen (New Moon) and so they carved out a kind of diary timeline that tracked the cycles on this site and in my book Moonology that you're going to read about. Although there is the oldest documented recorded evidence of humans working with the Moon, some 1200 years old, there is a wide difference between it and what we learned of women working with the Moon. And who have these ladies been? They are largely unnamed. It was a fact of life to deal with the Stars. Though men wrote books on astrology, few women wrote books on monology. But the Moon and Venus (both the Moon and Venus represent the Sacred Feminine in astrology) were mostly what women dealt with. These women were healers, women of healing, wise women, and ordinary women. They understood that it was possible to produce magic by interacting with the cycles of the Moon. And then there was something awful; the Burning Moments. It is believed that hundreds of thousands of millions of people were burnt at the stake, drowned or hanged for being "witches" between 1300 and 1800. For the record, since these people learned how to manipulate fact, the term 'witch' derives from the old English word for 'to bend'. Yet they were burnt because of this, so they stopped doing it and stopped showing their daughter how to do it. Several hundred years passed and then something powerful started to change at the end of the last century; the Sacred Feminine began to reemerge. The Goddess was rising again. Here she is. This combined with or maybe contributed to the newest surge of women's activism we're seeing today.

And where does all of this work into Moonology go?

You are re-uptaking the ancient Lunar rituals used by your foremothers on and off for the last 25,000 at least, by using the Moon as a celestial timer in your life. This is it, if you want to strip it down to the simplest form; we set our intentions and make magic at New Moon and we yield to the Sacred at Full Moon. To do so, you don't have to be an astrologer, a witch, or something else. They should all join in. For that matter, you do not have to be female either. In fact, while the Moon is seen in reality as feminine In fact, while in most cultures, the Moon is actually seen as feminine, while the Sun is seen as male, note this; without the Sun, there will be no phases of the Moon. The phases of the Moon are "created" by the Sun's light.

What, then, is monology?

It's a word I made, or channeled, in a nutshell! I recall when I coined it for the very first time. "The friend with whom I was, an astrologer and one of my first professors of astrology, cocked her head to one side, as if listening to some silent instruction, and told me:" Eh. Bear that in mind. It 's important. It took me anything like 20 years to describe Moonology; Moonology is where astrology meets the Moon and the development of consciousness. It's a method that is really feminine and more feminine than the ability to make.

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