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Metaphysical Properties:Fruits

Apple healing, fidelity, fertility, intelligence, immortality, joy, love, marriage, wisdom

Apricot love, passion, peace, romance, strength

Banana fertility, money, passion, prosperity, sexuality, spirituality, success, wealth Blackberry; healing, money, prosperity, protection, sex, wealth

Blueberry acceptance, cursing, home blessings, legal matters, luck, peace, prosperity, protection, power

Cherry clarity, creativity, divination, happiness, love, lust, passion, psychic energy, romance Coconut chastity, confidence, protection, psychic abilities, purification

Cranberry action, anti-negativity, courage, determination, healing, health, love, lust, passion, positive energy, protection

Date abundance, fertility, fortune, friendship, good luck, happiness, healing, spirituality, protection, resurrection

Fig abundance, divination, energy, fertility, good luck, health, love, money, peace, power, strength

Grapefruit cleansing, confidence, cooperation, healing, inner strength, mental clarity, purification Grape dreams, fertility, mental powers, money, prosperity, spiritual energy, wealth

Guava cleansing, love, romance

Huckleberry anti-negativity, banishment, dreams, fortune, good luck, hex breaking, protection, wishes

Kiwi happiness, health, longevity, love, romance

Lemon contact spirits, cursing, faithfulness, fidelity, friendship, growth, happiness, health, longevity, love, psychic powers, purification

Lime cleansing, cursing, energy, healing, health, love, peace, protection, purification, relaxation, strength Mango balance, harmony, love, marriage, romance, protection, sexual, spirituality

Melon cleansing, healing, purification

Nectarine love

Orange beauty, divination, fortune, health, love, good luck, money, peace, purification, wealth Papaya banishment, cleansing, healing, hex breaking, love, protection, regeneration,

Passion Fruit calmness, friendship, harmony, hoodoo, love, peace, relationships, sleep

Peach exorcism, fertility, happiness, longevity, love, purity, romance, spirituality, wishes, virginity, youth

Pear arousal, clarity, confidence, energy, enthusiasm, love, lust, passion, peace, security, sexuality, stress relief

Persimmon changing, happiness, healing, luck, lust, sex, sexual identity, wisdom

Pineapple chastity, creativity, fortunate, happiness, healing, luck, memory, money, prosperity, power, protection

Plum adoration,anti-negativity, attention, healing, love, peace, protection, relaxation, respect, sex Pomegranate conception, divination, fertility, growth, luck, prosperity, protection, wealth, wisdom, wishes

Raspberry courage, dreams, fertility, good luck, happiness, health, love, marriage, protection, relationships, sleep

Strawberry fertility, fortune, friendship, happiness, love, luck, passion, romance, sensual, success

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