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Time to Cleanse!!

Make sure the crystal is polished and charged according to the procedure it requires. (Some crystals are unable to get wet!) 1. Placing natural water under precipitation, or submerging it in bodies of water. (Tap the faucet's water would do as well) 2. Sunlight or Moonlight The sun will offer solar yang energy that matches the yin energy of the stone. For stones that are vulnerable to discoloration, you should set them out for an hour at dawn. Moonlight with a full moon is a more fragile, but very potent one. This will enhance the stone's vibrations. 3. Earth By burying the stones underground for a whole day, you can use the elements of the earth. 4. Fire By quickly burning your stones or smudging, you may use fire or smoke to cleanse your stones. Direct fire quickly burns out all harmful energies which take place over a candle in a matter of seconds. With sage sticks, palo santo, or commercial incense like sandalwood or cedar, which is believed to eliminate negativity, smudging may be achieved. 5. Salt (Salt Water) One of the most popular techniques to clean the gemstones is a saltwater bath. With a pinch of sea salt, soak the stones overnight in water. That's better if you have access to seawater. After the salt wash, make sure to give them a rinse in clean water to remove any trace. Using saltwater to clean stones is not necessarily good as the salt will damage some stones. 6. Certain crystals and clusters (such as quartz or amethyst) have the ability to absorb other stones and restore them. For this, Selenite is often used. For a period of six hours, lay the stones on selenite. The energy of your other stones is actually intensified by Selenite and transparent quartz clusters. They are capable of absorbing, neutralizing, and then recharging. 7. Meditation You can align your own powers by blowing your jewels with a healthy wind. It's important to mention a purpose so that after you clean it you can refuel your gemstone. If you frequently perform this type of crystal cleaning, it'll come naturally. Make sure you do this with meditation that is calm and actual. Do for extra hmmph during the full moon! Ask the seller if the crystal is genuine, and ask what country it comes from. Look under the gem. For glue or paint, inspect the foundation for mounting. To make the color stand out the base or tip of a gem may also be white. Check for uneven shading, unnaturally rich hues, or vivid colors while shopping online. It is most definitely dyed or irradiated if you spot this. If the price is cheap, it's actually all fake. Air bubble check: Air bubbles normally indicate that they are glass. It is probably fake if it looks so fine. 'Magnification' is the key way to tell the difference between quartz and glass. True quartz would not magnify the words whether you place the crystal over words in a book or a magazine. Where glass magnifies.

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