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Adventures in Death Magic

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

But What Is A Death Witch? A death witch is a witch that deals specifically through the powers of death and/or the deceased. This type of "practice" may take several forms. To some, it's about interacting with the deceased for others, performing jobs for the departed, such as maintaining the graveyards or operating in a funeral home is how they incorporate their craft.    For many, however, it relies strongly on the customs and community of the particular practitioner. Making this kind of work something of a family craft. On this point, most magic traditions involve a kind of death witch who interacts with the deceased on occasion or on a daily basis. This can be ritualistic or casual (not in the sense of disrespect). To be a death witch, there must be a connection in the soul of the person with the deceased and death that compels them to interact among them. Every Death Witch recognizes the value of caring for the deceased. That is because in this profession, RESPECT is extremely necessary because the deceased and Death both merit and Claim such reverence. The Deities of the Dead, while requiring reverence, may range from totalitarian to lenient based on their preferred worshipers and temperament. The easiest thing to do for the deities is to read and investigate their tales and attitudes so they can be asked the same thing about any of the deceased, particularly the ancestors. If and if you discover the god that resonates with you, you should continue to treat them like you should any god or goddess. In order to discover your God of Death, study the Mythos of Death Deities, and identify the legends that connect most deeply with you. The intensive study into their myths and attitudes is crucial to figure out why the specific God is staying with you.

Part of this Blog is Brought to you from The Witches Book of the Dead by Christian Day. I used this as a reference because it was one of the first books I found do describe my craft when I was coming into it.

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