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Adventures of a Death Witch: The Creepy Shadow

So a few nights ago I'm live on my favorite app. I'm editing my book and talking to those in the live. When my lights decided to flicker. I'm not thinking anything out of the norm as it happens frequently in my home. So after they flicker I stated "Excuse me, no" and then continued on in what i was doing. My focus back on my computer screen and I don't notice a shadow like figure form behind me. However those in my live were concerned that someone or something had entered my home and were warning me of the presence. I felt it in the sense that something wasn't right in my home. My fire alarm ghost proceeded to start chirping animatedly at me and wouldn't stop. MY instinct was to check on my children first. So I proceeded to check on my older children who were sleeping just fine though their room normally the warmest in the house was chilly. Then i went into my sons room and the little girl that stays in his room was standing at his bed protectively. second sign something was off. I walked through my house checking each room as I went to check on the baby baby, the elderly lady that stays in my kitchen was pacing and the closet/bathroom ghost was just standing there. I get to my room where the baby is sleeping and on my bed is this lump of a person mind you I didn't turn on the light so there were no details of what this figure looked like. While in my room I'm still live speaking with those in the live and telling them what I'm doing and feeling energy wise (which was vary unsettled). I grabbed a random incense and walked back into my Livingroom to light it. I laughed when I realized I had grabbed my white sage incense. After lighting the incense i walked through the house talking to those on the live and wafting the smoke through each room. I then set it in the living room to burn and stepped into my back yard to smoke a smoke. The shadow creature thing that hangs out in my shed and back yard was running around like a crazed animal. So I thought I'd check My wards and protections that were outside. None of them were broken or tampered with. I went back into the house and started working on my book again. It took one more stick of incense but everything eventually calmed down but the uneasy vibe was still there. The next day I'm out running errands no one is home and no one had been in the house. However when I came home i had containers of flour, egg shells, green beans, corn and salt all over my kitchen. I cleaned up the mess and pulled out my books, Google, and asked a few witchy friends about the metaphysical properties of the ingredients (mind you it took talking to one said friend and her mentioning the possibility of a protection spell for me to get to this point as i had figured something had thrown a tantrum.) After the research i mixed all of the ingredients together and baked them. Marking each with an Ogham of protection in salt before baking. After they were baked I placed them in order in the four corners of my property line and one on my roof. The uneasy feeling vanished and my home has been calm and quiet sense. The lesson learned in this for me was to trust more in the spirits that are active around my home. They will aid in protecting as well as get your attention when something is not right. Having that bond with them (even when they make a mess to get your attention *eye roll*)may have been what protected my children and I from the Creepy Shadow thing that entered my home.

*Authors note: I am still currently looking into what it could have been because Creepy Shadow does not properly describe it.

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